Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Track of the day/Dev Hynes: Blood Orange/CIA: Mind Control

So turns out Dev Hynes has another side project called blood orange, I was going to write about it a bit but i've got something more sinister I need to discuss, first here's the link to the track- Blood orange

Ok so I was in bed reading a book and wasn't really focusing because I was getting tired so I decided i'd read NME as it's a lighter read than what I was reading, I read a bit about Dev Hynes of lightspeed champion fame having a side project called blood orange. I thought I better write that on my arm so i don't forget, this I did.

I started to drift off so put on some music. It was originally a track by the get up kids and i thought this is nice and atmospheric exactly what i feel like listening to right now so i clicked genius. The genius picked out the next track to be Blood Red Shoes "it's getting boring here by the sea" it was the first time I heard it and I loved it, instant 4 stars and I thought I HAVE to blog about this awesome song so i wrote that on my arm as well.

Here's the track.

Here's the video for boring by the sea-

So, I googled Dev Hynes side project blood orange and I was taken to a site called "it's getting boring here by the sea" here. For about 30 seconds I could not understand what was going on like I don't know HOW MANY websites there are on the internet but surely this was incredibly unlikely? Like I feel like i could kill myself right now and the detective would read this blog and be like that's messed up that's probably what pushed him over the edge how the hell are you supposed to get your head around that?

Like I don't know what the fuck right now. Am I in the fucking TRUMAN show or what? I mean I never write on my arm except TWLOHA sometimes but to write JUST these two things and then wake up and go on the computer and that happen? Like. Please someone tell me what the fuck. Am I overreacting? is this actually really likely? Really likely that out of an unlimited number of websites I write two things on my arm and the first website i go to have both those things on one page? Yeah? O.K then right.


  1. hahaha, that's crazy...don't freak out, though, things like this happen. I LOVE when stuff like that happens, actually. All part of the cosmic universe, y'know. haha. Anyway, awesome song :D

  2. That's a trip. Accept your google overlords.