Wednesday, 2 December 2009

BBC Sound Tips for 2010 Pt III

Everything Everything

It was difficult knowing which picture of these guys to pic they've got some brilliant ones. From manchester they are said to be pigeonholed as "surrealist neo-classical avant-pop for the digital age". They're getting a lot of attention from the johnny marr perspective but from me, who wasn't in the smith, modest mouse OR the cribs- i don't get it. It's mainly that the lyrics aren't very good that bothers me, the music's fine but as Morrisey might say, it all seems so futile.

My keys your boyfriend

Gold Panda

You can only hope when searching images for "gold panda" that there are going to be pictures of gold pandas. Well if that's what you're into you're not going to be disappointed! I don't know if any of those are affilliated with the band but I figure it must have had some sort of play in the name considering the guy is more than a bit interested in oriental culture. His music owes a lot to this and his music is... very different. In a really exciting way. Like people this inventive don't come around every day but I feel a duty to say if you're going to listen to this do so with an open mind.

Like Totally


Like that video by mystery jets and days hurts are indebted the 80's in a non ironic way. The name, hurts as well is great because you can put it at the end of most phrases (like your mom) and it will end up as a witty observation, a fact they shamelessly exploit. For example you can check out their myspace at or their website at now we all know I like a bit of innovation but that isn't it.

The video for wonderful life pretty much embodies all that is this band; mournful lyrics, an upbeat chorus and a random dancer-

Wonderful Life mp3

Thus concludes my review of the BBC sound tips for 2010 although if you've been paying attention there is one noteable absence. Well Stornoway are getting their own post. It's been a while in coming!

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