Thursday, 3 December 2009

Nade Surf- Best of (2009)

01 Neither Heaven Nor Space
02 See These Bones
03 Concrete Bed
04 Inside Of Love
05 Killian's Red
06 Happy Kid
07 Blond On Blonde
08 Always Love
09 Fruit Fly
10 Paper Boats
11 If You Leave
12 Popular
13 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Look, I'm as baffled as anyone. Now I LOVED nada surf's "lucky" it was a masterpiece and I appreciate the other albums, however... Best of's?! I've had a rant recently about them so will highlight the most pertinant issue here- since when do bands like nada surf think it's cool to do best ofs? It's not. It's really not.

Plus this doesn't even have their best tracks on.

Haha get it though it'll be a naducation...

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