Thursday, 31 December 2009

BBC Sound Tips for 2010 Part II

I'm going to continue with a few acts that you, as I'm assuming you listen to good music if you read this, have probably heard of already this year..


Formerly known by the quite fantastic name "Snowfight In The City Centre", Delphic are a four piece indie-rave band in cut from the same cloth as the cure and new order. One of the reasons they're hyped to be big is the stadium potential for tracks like this, reminiscent of klaxons circa golden skans with a major plus that the tone of lead singer James Cook's voice is so much more clear and with actual resonant lyrics rather than sounds that just go with the music. These guys are good.


The Drums

Comparisons to the beach boys, the first hyped 2010 leak in 2009, the NME tour at the start of the year, pretty much all signs point to yes. With blissed out surfer pop there are drawbacks, a lack of substance (literal substance) being one and that which 2009's "girls" lacked and that 2010's surfer blood seem to have in droves. It would be easy to say that this band are somewhere in between the two and I'm on a tight schedule so there ya go :) bottom line is they're as catchy as any communicable disease you could possibly envisage.

Let's go surfing

Owl City

Pushed this guy on BIRP pretty hard since its inception really and he's gotten huge independant success which is now turning into major success with billboard #1's and shizz! You know this kind of music it's light electro-emo so like in between trees, secret handshake, rocket to the moon. I'm still kiiiiinda surprised at all the attention he's gotten because like i'm a fan of this kind of music and no one has really come close to getting this kind of mainstream press the past couple of years. And yes, it was a bit difficult not to mention the postal service... I like it alot though, it's familiar. I like it. ALOT. I'm really quite impressed with the BBC for this particular tip.

Hot air balloon

Two Door Cinema Club

They played truck last year and are an indefinable qauntity in that they're a great time but also have a great depth. Formidable lyricism and masterful instrumentation mean that TDCC have something to fall back onto but they don't need it because they have great tunes for that. They call themselves "electropop" but then so would the XX (who suck) so i'd like to steer clear of such labelling. You know on the postal service's give up where they underscore JT's music with guitars, hand claps and inventive swirling instrumentation, that is exactly where these guys are at. Oh they're also from bangor which (don't shoot me...) I thiiiink is in wales? and Donaghee which I gotta be honest, sounds made up :p

I'm off to see Frank Turner tonight for the close of the decade. So I've just done a double blog today as i'll be in gloucester tomorrow but I plan on sticking around for the next decade so get ready for some good stuff!

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