Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Albums of the year: Frank Turner- Poetry of the deed

This is the album where Frank Turner fulfilled everything he set out to and deservedly so.

I have about 8 playlists of my favourite bands best tracks "ultimate xxxxx" Beatles have about 67, Death cab 46, Bright Eyes 38, John Vanderslice 21, Chili peppers 45... You get the idea anyway were I to have an ultimate Frank Turner playlist it would either have zero or 128 and that's why he doesn't have one. If I want to listen to FT, which I do want to, all day if I could then I just listen to anything he's got to offer and love it as if it was his defining moment.

As an artist Frank Turner is a person I respect more than anybody but as a person I feel a little differently as he seems to be everything I wish I was. A successful musician, confident, qualified in something other than his career, has friends... you know stuff like that. His early work was angsty and frustrated and the journey from then to now has been a pleasure to watch. Poetry of the deed is truly the sound of euphoric celebration, he's got everything he wants and is using the vent as well as he always has.

Frank Turner- Poetry of the deed

1. Live Fast Die Old
2. Try This At Home
3. Dan's Song
4. Poetry Of The Deed
5. Isabel
6. The Fastest Way Back Home
7. Sons Of Liberty
8. The Road
9. Faithful Son
10. Richard Divine
11. Sunday Nights
12. Our Lady Of The Campfire
13. Journey Of The Magi

Sorry if I gushed...

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