Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Best of December 2009

Yeah been a heck of a month right? Still christmas in a couple of days. The rest of the year i'm pretty well restrained but christmas time I eat like.. well to put it mildly, a greedy person :) I shant bore you with christmas tales but I was walking down the street earlier on and some kid, like 8 years old said to his friend "I don't care if I don't get any gifts this year, as long as I've got my brother and my mom I'll be happy". Quite poignant but that kid should probably relax he's 8 years old like you can probably afford to just be a kid right? Anyway there's like 60 tracks and it took alot of time so i am relieved to put this up, enjoy and happy holidays from outroversion and friendssssssssss.

I've marked the must downloads with a couple of christmassy stars or asterisks if you're not into pretending that things are other things when they're not-

Low- A Dinosaur Act/Just like Christmas
Sloth Bear- Number 58
Gold Motel- Perfect in my mind
The Isolation- Dancing away
Doll and the kicks- Leaving the race
World's Greatest Ghosts- Magick Words
Princeton- Sadie and Andy
Absent Elk- Sun and water
Comet Gain- The fists in pocket
Mariee Souix- Wizard Flurry Home
Freelance Whales- Hannah/Starring/Ghosting
Eminem- Hell Breaks Loose
Baddies- Open One Eye
Uh huh her- Explode
Brazos- Day Glo/my buddy
Rye N Clover- Black Hoody
A rocket to the moon- I'm not saying goodbye
Gabby Young and other animals- Ones that got away/We're all in this together**
Cats on fire- The borders of this land
Seth lakeman- Blood red Sky
Charlotte Gainsbourg- Heaven can wait
Jose Vanders- Summer
Slow Club- Christmas TV
Savoir Adore- The Scientific.../We talk like machines
Tim Williams- Ozone Street
Guitar- Hira Hira
Brakes- Why tell the truth?
The Balconies- Battle Royale
The Raincoats- Noone's little girl?
Wintermitts- Schoolyard
Cloud Cult- The grandson of jesus
Swimming in Speakers- In Knowing *TRACK OF THE MONTH*
Grouper- Pale Through
Shinedown- Second Chance
Aficianado- The myth...
Singing Bridges- Crazy Street
Cantinero- My House
Boxer Rebellion- Evacuate
Burbank Cartel- Leonard Jones Potential
Shelby Sifters- Are you devo?
Auld Lang Syne- My first soul **
Darwin Deez- Bad day
The yes pleases- Don't say we're there yet/From whence it came
Feral Children- Saint
God help the girl- God help the girl **
Marina and the diamonds- Girls
Killers- Happy Bday Guadalupe
Kinetic Stereokids- Play
Timber Timbre- Lay down in the tall grass
Wetdog- lower leg
Erland and the carnival- My name is carnival **
Penguin Prison- A funny thing
Blood Orange- S'cooled
Le Corps Mince de Francoise- Something Golden **


  1. You are the greatest thing to ever happen to anything ever. <3

  2. the hot babes thing was a little much, but I'll forgive you.