Thursday, 3 December 2009

30 seconds to mars- This is war (2009)

30 Seconds to mars- This is war

1. “Escape”
2. “Night Of The Hunter”
3. “Kings and Queens”
4. “This Is War”
5. “100 Suns”
6. “Hurricane” feat. Kanye West
7. “Closer To The Edge”
8. “A Call To Arms”
9. “Search & Destroy”
10. “Alibi”
11. “Stranger In A Strange Land”

Reccomended Downloads: 1, 3, 4, 7, 10

I've been meaning to get into 30STM for years but never bothered as i don't talk to the person who reccomended them to me these days. I figured this is a good opportunity to pluuuus their fans are all uppity about the leak. Twitter #saynotoillegalthisiswar and you'll see what I mean, it's kinda funny. Get it hurr.

Plus really nice album cover.

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