Saturday, 12 December 2009

Albums of the year: Metric- Fantasies

Metric- Fantasies

‘Help I'm Alive’
‘Sick Muse’
‘Satellite Mind’
‘Twilight Galaxy’
‘Gold Guns Girls’
‘Gimme Sympathy’
‘Collect Call’
‘ Front Row’
‘Stadium Love’

Essential Downloads: Stadium Love,
Gimme Sympathy, Help i'm alive and Sick Muse

Probably the most underrated album on this list. This year was my first year seeing Metric having fell for "Old World Underground" in 2005 and they were so finely tuned and there was a feeling of this being the pinnacle of their powers playing something they were truly proud of. One criticism you can have for metric, though this is hardly a criticism- is that they seem to have two great lead tracks on albums and then the rest just fitting a certain mood. Thing is with this album they've got four HUGE songs, help i'm alive is just immense and embodies everything that makes haines a great front women and musically what makes metric such a formidable force. Stadium Love is anthemic in all the right ways and you've heard gimme sympathy enough times by now and it's not even the best song on the album. It's brilliant but just make sure you get those tracks at the very least (as well as old world underground).

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