Friday, 11 December 2009

Baddies - Do The Job (2009)

Baddies - Do The Job (2009)
Baddies - Do The Job (2009)
01 - Tiffany, I'm Sorry
02 - Open One Eye
03 - Battleships
04 - Colin
05 - At The Party
06 - Pisces
07 - We Beat Our Chests
08 - Holler For My Holiday
09 - I Am Not A Machine
10 - To The Lions
11 - Baddies
12 - Paint The City

Baddies were responsible for some unforgettable live performances in 2009 and fortunately I witnessed quite a few of these. I haven't heard much about the new album but hopefully it hasn't been recieved badly. I do appreciate that live they're another animal altogether but I still loved the last EP. Fact of the matter is they're touring with joy formidable in 2010 and those are going to be epics, tickets are on sale now i think so do it up.

You may also like to notice that the track listing is either in the shape of a vase or a fish making a kissy face.

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