Monday, 7 December 2009

Straight Edge

I don't really talk about Buddhism or straight edge to people as- 1. they're my own decisions I don't really want to force them on people and probably the more pertinant one- I don't trust a lot of people (the majority of people) in my life not to be disrespectful.

However, this morning I was reading about a lot of people's different reasons for deciding to choose this way of life and alot of them mentioned the music. Strangely this wasn't something that struck me early on and I wasn't really aware of it.

I had a couple of bands on my ipod that i checked out and although I wasn't into the shouty nature of it I really dug how angry these people were at the poison that destroys peoples' lives :)

Here's some to check out. If you've just got a vague interest then minor threat are pretty much the forefathers of edge-

Minor Threat
7 Seconds
Negative FX
Youth Of Today
Gorilla Biscuts
Ten Yard Fight
What Happens Next?
Bones Brigade

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