Saturday, 5 December 2009

Albums of 2009: Mumford and sons- Sigh no more

Mumford and sons- Sigh no more

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1.Sigh No More
2.The Cave
3.Winter Winds
4.Roll Away Your Stone
5.White Blank Page
6.Gave You All
7.Little Lion Man
9.Thistle & Weeds
10.Awake My Soul
11.Dust Bowl Dance
12.After The Storm

I really stumbled across mumford and sons. I was at one of those indoor music festivals where you walk around town going to different venues and at about 5pm I'd gone to the furthest venue away and was like i'm just going to stay here (until the baddies play) and i watched a couple of ok bands upstairs and inbetween waiting for the next one, went to see who was downstairs and it was these guys...

"... They remind me so much of the decemberists it is untrue. And alas this brings me onto one issue I have with them- you know how bright eyes is so depressing and angry it's inspiring? These guys are kinda depressing in a really despondent way like morbidly. The music's a little TOO haunting at times, the anger spills over at moments that are so poignant it makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

This isn't neccesarily a bad thing but I can see people being put off because of this, not me though because live they really are an event. They feel like how watching elbow after 10 years of playing together and 3 years before they broke must have felt; a bunch of guys who have played together for so long they are as tight as imaginable musically and know what each other are thinking and have a real feel for the evening and the way to sculpt it to maximise each particular audiences experience." ~ Outroversion June 2009

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