Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Albums of 2009: Silversun Pickups- Swoon

Silversun Pickups- Swoon

01. There's No Secrets This Year
02. The Royal We
03. Growing Old Is Getting Old
04. It's Nice To Know You Work Alone
05. Panic Switch
06. Draining
07. Sort Of
08. Substitution
09. Catch And Release
10. Surrounded (Or Spiraling)

I discovered Silversun Pickups at the same time as Maps and not only for that reason I kind of grouped them together. Maps turned out to be a bit of a one album wonder and faded away so when I heard SP were releasing a new album I looked forward to it but didn't have high hopes.

Of course they came along and released such a spellbinding masterpiece. Everything that made Carnavas great, swirling dreamscapes of inventive instrumentation but where the lyrical themes were second place on the debut they have a more profound impact here and the delivery is just impeccable. I haven't seen this album in any lists for '09 and if I was doing these in order it would be pretty near the top 10.

That's not to say that it wasn't recieved well by those receptive to new music. Their UK tour sold out quicker than any I really paid attention to this year and the album got into the top ten in the US Billboard chart as well as number one independant. Beautiful album.

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