Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sunny Day Real Estate

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Sunny Day Real Estate
Essential D/L- Seven, In circles, song about an angel, Round, 47

Sunny Day real estate are seen as the pioneers of emo. I thought I better check them out as I further my e(mo)ducation. Now I'm not emo, people just say that because I'm incredibly morbid and talk about death all the time lol :)

These guys split up before I was even listening to good music but reunited last year on a north american tour and are playing coachella this year before coming over to europe and playing england for the first time ever.

The album I posted above is essentially a greatest hits (in that it's their best songs) so you may as well get the whole thing but the 4 I posted are definately the standouts.


  1. yeah! Sunny day are slick. I've got some other pretty great emo golden oldies for ya if you'd like.

  2. hit me up i'll do an emo post :D