Sunday, 10 January 2010

Penguin Prison

Really weird thing about penguin prison seems I had a track by them on my ipod since early last year and the second I heard it today I remembered it as if it was one of my most played. Preeeeetty high praise I think!?

Penguin Prison

So there's been a lot of electro indie around and i've not been a huge fan. Golden Silvers opened my eyes to the road of acceptance last year but i think i'll always be a bit wary. So the guys from new york and someone once said to me if you can make it there you can't make it anywhere... when i say said, i mean sang and when i say someone i mean Frank Sinatra and when I say to me I mean to my Grandma 50 years ago, but you get the idea. O.K I'm thinking about deleting this whole paragraph...

Bottom line is, you know what the deal is- it's electro with intermittent vocals, it's catchy and enjoyable but without too much depth. Get these two tracks and they're a definate good addition to your pallette but you won't be missing out too much if you don't but his album if electro artists make those?

The track in question- Funny thing
Animal Animal
Marina and the diamonds- I am not a robot (Penguin Prison remix)

This is the worst blog i've ever written. I'm going to bed :p


  1. That is a picture of Erik Hassle, not Penguin Prison!!!!
    THIS is Penguin Prison

  2. Ha yeah i noticed a different name. I was pretty tired when i wrote this one and aren't that fussed about the artist so i've deleted the pic but not gonna go and put another one up. My computer is insanely slow it would probably take 10 minutes. Yeah that's right. Ugh I don't know whether to get new ram or what i did virus checks and shiz... yeah everyone says just buy more ram. Apparently you can just stick it in there. Just thinking out loud here... So...