Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cloud Cult

I wanted to post a couple of songs by these guys they're one of my most cherished bands. I heard about them through this track, I was sent it when my grandfather died-

Transistor Radio
"I heard grandpa on my transistor radio
He said, "Kid, its time for me to go,
And I know that there was something that I wanted to show you,
But its time for you to find it on your own."
Let me tell you about rage when a signal died that day,
Theres nothing out there and I don't care--its to take my life away
"I'm not ready and I don't want to see, Nope"

So I checked them out, I was at university in canada at the time and the second song I heard was "moving to canada" and it seemed like this band was writing for me. That song isn't particularly great but it sounds upset yet optimistic and that was where I was at that point. However the second song I wanted to highlight is as beautiful as the first-

The song of the deaf girl

"Did you hear about the deaf girl
The one whose song's gone number one
Three minutes of silence on the radio
It's the best damn gift for everyone"

Hear is that song if you're curious-

The deaf girl's song

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