Wednesday, 27 January 2010


When I first started this blog I used to give little introductions into how things were going in real life. I kinda stopped this as it seemed a little bit pointless! There's twitter for getting updates on what I had for breakfast (weetabix btw ;)) but recently i've felt like crap constantly and never felt even remotely ok. Anyway turns out- mould all over the bottom half of my curtains which i've been breathing in for months while I slept. Got rid of it, now I feel great. Woke up at 6am this morning not feeling sick for the first time in ages! I had such bad panda eyes as well I looked like death and even those are fading away! Lol so yeah check for mould in your room it's super bad for you.

The Who- Quadrophenia (1979)
[Essential Downloads- The punk and the godfather, I've had enough, Love rain o'er me, My generation]

I saw this for the first time the other day. It was highly anticipated as over the past year or so I've gained an attention span for watching movies that I never thought possible. True I could really only manage to sit through 20 minute american sit coms prior to this. Besides the basic message of this movie is fuck being part of a scene and be who you wanna be.

This movie is about music and that's why it's great. The underlying thing is the mod -v- rocker culture clash but I'm not even 100% what a mod is and still enjoyed the undertones as much as the musical journey that we are led upon along with Phil Daniels who I think Alex Turner would get away with playing in a remake, although obviously that'd be pointless they just look similar.

There's great scenes, Louie Louie and My Generation at a house party early on, Jimmy dancing in the club before getting thrown out and sleeping on the beach and finally going back to the scenes of a great time which as we all know you should never do but which is hard to resist. BELLBOY!!!

Download the movie or you can probably get it off ebay for a few pounds. It's worth having in your collection. As good for living in the moment as I'd imagine it is for nostalgia.

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