Thursday, 28 January 2010

Owl City

I'm going to be completely honest and say I like Owl City and was pretty close to deciding to go see him live in Oxford and even though I also like Lights I decided the whole evening would be a little affeminate and now the english have jumped on the bandwagon it all became a little less cool.

I first became aware of him through working on Blalock's Indie Rock playlist and liked a few tracks, firstly the saltwater room ft. Breanne Duren from his first album. And then I downloaded Ocean Eyes in which I'd reccomend downloading Hot air balloon, Hello Seattle and yes, fireflies is a good song but as the western world is if there is anything that does sound nice it will be played to death until you begin to hate it.

If you just have the songs mentioned above you won't be missing out on an incredible amount however the album as a whole is a really nice listen. The only exception being a song called "Dental Care" which is just dreadful, the lyrics are terrible, the tune sounds like it was written for children and the delivery is pathetic and whiney. The latter is something that he skates around a lot of the time but manages to steer ever so, just clear.

Of course his story is exaggerated, it goes along the lines of; aww he turned to music at his parent's house as a result of his insomnia (which i'm assuming is to link people to other meteoric rises in Seattle as in, "curt cobain turned to heroin as a result of his back pain") while working at a coca-cola warehouse. If his parents aren't mega rich and his job working for the world's largest drinks manufacturer was to pay for either tuition or to feed his family then I apologise but I'm thinking this isn't the case.

I'll level with you, his lyrics are FULL of cliches and songs like "on the wing" is just a list of words and phrases that sound nice in pop songs. BUT it's all a very unintrusive listen, it's nice to have on and as you float in and out it probably will make your day a bit better and sometimes that's all music needs to be.

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