Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Great albums from the 00's: Jem- Finally Woken (2004)

I will be spending a bit of time wrapping up a few things from the past decade that I feel deserve to be documented on this blog. Today I begin with a pop album from 2004, yeah that's right pop. That's right 2004.

Speaking of which I'm also going to feature Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Ashlee Simpson, Natasha Bedingfield and Michael Jackson so get used to it. Nah I'm kidding... Not about featuring them as I will be but, as became custom towards the end of last year i'll be doing a few posts a day and these will pretty much be the bottom of the pile in terms of focal points. Fecal points, if you will. I wonder if i'm the first person ever to say that? No, plenty of other people are just as immature and GENIUS.


Jem- Finally Woken (2004)

1. They
2. Come On Closer
3. Finally Woken
4. Save Me
5. 24
6. Missing You
7. Wish I
8. Just A Ride
9. Falling For You
10. Stay Now
11. Flying High

Essential Downloads: They, Come on closer, 24, Falling for you

Jem was definately one of the lesser known artists to benefit from the O.C's relentless mainstream exposure but thinking back there was a lot of press over here too. The album is quite the visceral experience, lots of original instrumentation and Jem's voice was quite irresitable.

There are two sides to the album, one a poppy infectious aspect which meant when I went to see her the gig was full of parents with their kids and another a dark side which meant I was there. The tracks i've reccomended to download are those but tracks like just a ride and finally woken are nice but don't bother downloading wish i or stay now.

The rest of the album however, was a pleasure. I don't know if it's really stood the test of time like I'm listening to it now and even for nostalgia purposes it's a bit trying. You might be ok just downloading the essential tracks above.

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