Monday, 4 January 2010


Sometimes I write up somebody simply because they have a great name. This is one of those occasions. From the impulsiveness that brought you UUVVWWZ and !!! I bring you dd/mm/yyyy which is pronounced day month year. Firstly I thought 2 days, 2 months and 4 years would've been a nice swing on that but still, you gotta like it. Plus they're from canada and I have certain duties.

I can imagine live they're a great time, on record they sound like testicicles and personally I didn't 'get' them. DDMMYYY have supported crystal castles on tour and if you think of a great band to warm you up for watching CRYSTAL CASTLES then you'll get a pretty good idea of what these guys are like.

You can hear all manner of material on their and they're playing the jericho in oxford at the end of February.

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