Sunday, 31 January 2010

Band of the week: Friendly Foes

Friendly Foes

I hadn't heard of friendly foes until yesterday which is a damn shame, no idea why but we've found them now and they're amazing which is the most important thing.

The three tracks I've heard are full moon morning, couch surfing and get yr shit together; all of which got rated on my ipod. A huge rarity but these are worthy of even higher praise. The latter is heart breaking because they seem to remain criminally under rated. I'm hoping that they're just under the radar and their inclusion on the indie rock playlist next month and festivals in the summer will give them the notoriety they deserve.

Friendly Foes are Ryan Allen, Liz Wittman and Sean Sommer who together make up a self-proclaimed verse-chorus-verse FFM indie-pop band from Michigan. They're in sort of the same vein as The Subways if Subways had a good male singer and Ash if they were fun and still had Charlotte Hatherley.

Full moon morning

Couch surfing
Get yr shit together
My body (is a strange place to live)

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