Tuesday, 12 January 2010


One of the only things that come close to the impact rush of discovering a great new act is finding someone else who can actually rap and this guy is the best rapper i've stumbled upon since Mr. Shaodow. His flow reminds me of Deltron 3030 in the late 90's. It's seemless, effortless and passionate. Best of all- he's canadian!

His sound is encompassed by three key points; a great beat, a masterful flow and ingenious lyricism. There are so many more layers to his rhymes though. There's the usual name dropping that you get in rap but they aren't there just for the sake of it, those big names fit around his rhymes. Then there's his honesty,

"When i'm writing I repeatedly edit words and rework tracks, i'll admit i'm like the Raptors- I got weak first drafts", O.K, get over the brilliance of that simile and compare it to Lil' Wayne's "I don't write shit cos I aint got time", Oh little weezy you do, you write a hell of a lot of shit; i've not heard as much shit as your latest album since i roomed with Robert Coultrane...

The two tracks i've put here have both been given coveted 4 star ratings on my ipod. You're missing out if you don't check this guy out-

I don't like to

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