Thursday, 7 January 2010

OK Go! Of the blue colour of the sky (2010)

OK Go! Of the blue colour of the sky (2010)

Shall Pass
All Is Not Lost
Needing Getting
White Knuckles
I Want You So Bad I Cant Breathe
End Love
Before The Earth Was Round
Last Leaf
Back From Kathmandu
While You Were Asleep
In The Glass

Internet darlings Ok Go's third album. Their second was brilliant, 2006 was a great summer and that album was a soundtrack to it. It was however one of those albums that to someone who didn't have it on their playlist that summer will probably think it was kind of lame. Good memories though, here's to making some more with this one.

Their videos for "here is goes again" and "a million ways" were incredibly popular back in the day when newscasters would say "A rock band has gained massive success on a video sharing website known as "you. tube". where ordinary people can "up. load" videos..." after the first one people thought that was it, the second one was maybe a stretch i mean they were no "college jocks get lonely and bored"... and yet, here they go. again.

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