Thursday, 14 January 2010

The new lightspeed champion album

I just wanted to highlight my anticipation for the new lightspeed champion album by making sure everyone else has already fallen for his debut-

First up, I have a lot of respect for brandon flowers. Yeah shock right? It's just he doesn't seem to be in it for the money, he writes soooo much good music that isn't put on major release I mean- don't shoot me santa, romeo and juliet, the ballad of michael valentine- he could have put all these on day and age and it would have been the biggest album of the year, I like to think there's a reason he doesn't..

There was no real reason I mentioned the killers, it was just something that had been on my mind and I wanted to let it out...

Lightspeed champion
Essential Downloads: galaxy of the lost, tell me what it's worth, dry lips and no surprise for wendela

Former test icicle, younger than me but let's not hate! I saw him for the first time in birmingham supporting bright eyes in one of the most uncomfortable warm ups i've seen. His plane was late so had to do like a 20 minute acoustic performance, some of the crowd was disgustingly poor mannered, it was in birmingham though so... *isolates certain portion of audience!*

He was alright that night but saw him at the charlotte in leicester and he was spectacular. I believe his debut album went to number one in the english popular music charts but maybe it didn't. Either way it was awesome, love it- plus emmy the great does backing vocals on it. That night he was supported by the amazing Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man which I am going to write about soon as i've rediscovered their apocolyptic awesomeness of late.

The comparison to mr. flowers is due to how many sessions this guy puts on the net for his fans, titles like "this album was written and recorded in a day" and "album in a day 2" and "house sitting sessions" and an album of greenday covers he works hard man and loves music. Although one time I read he dug "pork and beans" by weezer so much he listened to it constantly for a week... This hopefully is not true as that song is more puke and balls than anything else.

His music is visceral, maybe I use that adjective too much just cos I know it and it makes me feel superior or maybe it's relevant here. The music is expansive, thanks i'm sure in part to mike mogis' hand, you can really hear his input throughout the album. And the lyrical themes are original (Hate to think what would happen if I started to drink like you, maybe I will loosen up..well, pour me another gin. Guzzle down, my neck will burn as we kiss and I'm sick in your mouth.) backing from emmy the great perfects an already great album.

Highlights of the album are galaxy of the lost, tell me what it's worth, dry lips and no surprise for wendela. That's if you don't like getting a feel for the whole album and *goes on rant about popular music*... Enjoy!

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