Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Spill Canvas- Abnormalities EP (2010)

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The Spill Canvas- Abnormalities EP

Remember the days where you'd pick up an album just because you liked the look of their album art? They're not totally gone, actually in theory they should be more prominant what with the freeness of everything. However this is why I picked up this recently leaked EP.

These guys are like Patrick Stump doing Rocket Summer covers, which is even better than it sounds. Oh god yeah, so emo get over it. Basically you'll really like this band if you like that sort of thing.

This streaming track gives you the best idea of their sound.


  1. You are a moron if you think this sounds vocally anything like Patrick Stump or lyrically anything like The Rocket Summer, you sir should quit blogging.

  2. weird... i thought it did. I shall continue blogging but rely less on my emodar which I admit is not the best ;)