Sunday, 10 January 2010


Smalltalk: Leamington is a town near where I grew up. Sharks are the first worthwhile band since Nizlopi to come out of that void of an area and I thought they were were a mention.


I first became aware of Sharks through Kerrang which i've recently been favouring over any other music publication and indeed any competing music publication but was reminded of them when I referred to my old port of call from back in the day, NME for they were featured on this rather fantastic mixtape.

I've been hearing a lot of comparisons to "ghost of a thousand" a band which i couldn't get away from last year. These guys are a lot more coherant and wouldn't be so bad to wake up to at 10am. I mean from the point of view I woke up to GOAT last summer at about 10am and they blew my fragile face off.

The guitars are sharp metal, the vocals are 90s indie and the harmonies? well they push these guys from middle of the road to likeable. Even Frank Carter thinks so.

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