Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ash- The A to Z Series

Most people probably know Ash from the 90s. When I saw them last summer it was a primarily nostalgic time, awesome but dated. Last year they announced (during the "what can other bands do to "do a radio head"" period) they decided to release one single a month and then release those 12 songs as a collection at the end of the year (each year?). The first I heard was white rabbit which was great. Here's the rest-

Ash- A-Z (2010)

01 Return of White Rabbit
02 True Love 1980
03 Joy Kicks Darkness
04 Arcadia
05 Tracers
06 The dead disciples
07 Pripyat
08 Lay down your arms
09 Ichiban
10 Space shot


  1. so do your files stay up for 4 minutes? EVERY one I try is gone.

  2. may i say on the blogger's behalf- go suck a dick

  3. Yeah so anyway if a link is down just say and it'll put another up. This link isn't even down, I think you're doing it wrong.