Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers
I and Love and You, January Wedding, Kick Drum Heart, Laundry Room

You're perfectly welcome to the apprehension that you hold. If Oasis were called The Salford Siblings, the cribs were called the Jumpin' Jarman Bros or Kings of Leon the "ridiculously inbred family who write songs about firey sex with each other but there's nothing weird going on, honest... band" then you'd probably have held them in the same disregard. But alas your fears are unfounded and your apprehension? moronic!

They're now a four piece and so with the bluesgrass vibe they got goin own it'd be easy to compare them to Mumford and sons. They're not quite that though. You know that split EP Ben Gibbard did with Andrew Kenny called home and it was all quite countryfied, this is very reminiscent of that.

They play nice acoustic melodies, write quite good songs and harmonise without it getting a bit much. They've been in a lot of tips for 2010 but I wouldn't go that far. Their inclusion is on the back of Mumford and sons who had immense blog hype and an album that was anticipated for three quarters of a year. The Avett brothers' album in which the hype is built is already available and unless you're vampire weekend it'll take a lot to still have people getting that excited in 11 months' time.


  1. You need to work on your spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, clarity and overall writing ability.

    Nice sentiment, though.

  2. I'm a linguist. I have a degree in advanced English language. If these qualifications don't show in the above post I was probably tired.

    "You need to work on..." for you to make a judgement like that based on a few paragraphs on some band I barely even remember listening to other than that they reminded me of mumford and sons, you need to work on not being a judgemental douchebag.