Sunday, 1 November 2009

Controversial Decision

Recently while writing notes for my blog I mused over doing a post about pop music that's on my ipod because believe it or not, there is some. I dig some pop music but I confess that I can't really tell whether rihanna's music is actually good or whether I just like it because she's mind-blowingly hot.

Fact of the matter is, pre 2003 when I started to listen to good music I listened to alot of mainstream stuff, I was into rap and therefore have N*sync's track they did with nelly on there, I have justin timberlake's justified which I even recorded onto cassette at the time oh god... Yeah time's change but I don't think my radar would be quite so refined if I hadn't gone through that stage.

Bottom line is, I'm syncing my ipod later on and this rihanna track is going on there as well as robbie williams' new album. I haven't heard either but that's why pop music is so successful because you don't have to, you just get told what to think by everyone else.


Rihanna- Russian Roulette Link 1 Back up link
Rihanna- Wait Your Turn Link 1 Back up link
Rihanna- Bubble Pop Link 1 Back up link

Robbie Williams- Reality killed the video star

1. Morning Sun 4:07
2. Bodies 4:03
3. You Know Me 4:21
4. Blasphemy 4:19
5. Do You Mind? 4:06
6. Last Days Of Disco 4:50
7. Somewhere 1:02
8. Deceptacon 5:01
9. Starstruck 5:21
10.Difficult For Weirdos 4:29
11.Superblind 4:46
12.Won’t Do That 3:38
13.Morning Sun (Reprise) 1:24

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