Saturday, 7 November 2009

Pomegranates- Everybody, come outside!

Pomegranates- Everybody, come outside! (2009)

Everbody Come Outside
This Land Used To Be...
Southern Ocean
384 BC
Svaatzi Uutsi
Jerusalem Had a Bad Day

Essential Downloads: 1, 2, 3, 6

I've started putting "band of the week" in the tags so you can click on it and see the other bands of the week! Now i'm not just randomly mentioning that, i'm saying it for a reason as pomegranates are just that- my band of the week!

I heard about them a long time ago but couldn't find anything on them until sure enough they were so good that their stuff was everywhere within a few months. You know when Isaac Brock or Frank Black are really fucking angry and vitriolic on tracks? That isn't this. This is when the Modest Mouse and Pixies frontmen lend their deathly gravel to more a more tender means.

This is the foursome from cin... cin... at... ti's second album and if you were to use a fruit to descrine them it would probably be their namesake... I think comparisons like that is why I don't get paid for this shit...

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