Monday, 2 November 2009


A band that probably needs more introduction than i'm giving here. Think of it as a mystery box, a hard to find mystery box that you won't regret downloading... I mean opening... Or whatevs. Anyway wild female vocals, ethereal instrumentation, it's good stuff-


01. Berry Can ( 5:17)
02. Shark Suit ( 2:58)
03. Jap Dad ( 2:45)
04. Neolano ( 7:53)
05. Castle ( 5:11)
06. Green Starred Sleeve ( 3:19)
07. Trapezeus ( 3:42)
08. The Sun ( 5:00)
09. Hum Jam ( 6:20)

UUVVWWZ (read double U double V double W Z) are Jim Schroeder (guitar), Teal Gardner (voice), Tom Ambroz (drums), and Dustin Wilbourn (bass) from Lincoln, NE.

“UUVVWWZ started as a band in 2007 in Lincoln, Nebraska. When we came up with the name we laughed. I wrote it on a ripped up brown paper bag that we had drawn some of our song structures on and pronounced while pointing, “Double ‘U’ double ‘V’ double ‘W’… ‘Z.’” Then we went back to working on our songs and being creative together with a good chance of pasta and cigarette breaks."

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