Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New female Artists Second Edition

Like I said during my TWLOHA post I notice the trends on this blog and one that gets repeatedly hit is the "new female artists" page despite it being done around 6 months ago so I figured I'd do one of these every now and then for there are plenty of great ones around.

Ellie Goulding

You've probably heard of Ellie Goulding, I'm not sure how big she's getting maybe i'm just more aware because I follow her on twitter but i'm pretty sure that she's getting known. Her music is made by super producer StarSmith and she's very much in the same vein as little boots but is actually really good and a little more independant. Starry Eyed and Under the sheets have both been featured on BIRP, they're all over nme radio and they're worth the download.

Starry Eyed

Under the sheets
The Wolves Acts 1 & 2 (bon iver cover)

Claire Maguire

Apparently there's a lot of hype around this girl, she's from Birmingham, signed to Polydor and is recording her debut with Mark Ronson. The latter, if you are female is a guaranteed number one where as if you're male you're labelled sell outs, go figure. Alas I'm not a huge fan of this girl but she seems to be on the fasttrack to the big time so check her out before the sun tells everyone she's better than anyone who's ever done anything.

I have some of her tracks on my ipod but i'm pretty sure they'd get taken down if i put them up so i'm just going to tell you to listen to them on her myspace and maybe you'll dig but if you don't don't worry about it she'll in your face as relentlessly as duffy was 6 months ago. Myspace.

Holly Throsby

Man did I love Polly Scattergood's dark and haunting style but that's not the only reason I dig Holly Throsby. You know how Marina & the diamonds music is theatrical and leading, that's the deal here. Holly has a wonderful, smouldering voice at times powerful at times heart renching and fragile. These drapped over jazz styled brass, double bass and all manner of instrumentation displayed in occasionally booming and euphoric thematics but usually trickling across tracks with Holly's fantastic lyrical motifs and scary mansion style vocals draped over them. Heart divided is probably the standout track and most representative of her sound-

Warm Jets
A Heart Divided
Would You (With Bonnie Prince Billie)

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