Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Daniel Johnston.

I don't know much of daniel johnston. The first I heard of him was through conor oberst's cover of devil town. The second was on russell brand's radio show. The third and final time was when someone said my music was clearly influenced by daniel johnston. So a little backwards i'm downloading a whole load of his stuff right now and have bid on the devil and daniel johnston on ebay. In case anyone else also isn't up to speed jump on-


These are just all the albums i could find...

*I don't know wtf is wrong with these links but just delete my address and keep the mediafire address to d/l*

Hi, how are you (essential download)
The what of whom
Yip jump music
Songs of pain
Don't be scared
Welcome to my world
Early recordings Vol. 1
Artistic Vice
It's spooky
Laurie EP
Is and always was
Continued story
Frankenstein Love
Retired Boxer
Why me?
Feel yourself
Rejected Unknown

By the way i'm aware that I "probably should have heard of" daniel johnston but if you haven't noticed i'm more concerned with the future than past. I like to learn about what music influences the current and i'm not ignorant to it but there's a lot of past and not much I can say that hasn't already been said.

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