Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Another way to find music

One way I like to find new music is clicking on people's profiles who seem cool on last.fm or the indie rock playlist forum and checking out bands I don't know. I can see this being a regular feature on here :D


Bluejuice- Broken Leg (download) (last.fm) (Twitter)

I actually checked this band out last of the three and from the description "punk hop disco" I expected them to blowballs. They don't. They're awesome! They're like all the fun parts of Ok Go!, Cat empire and 3oh!3, loads of fun but obviously not to be taken at all seriously, this track and vitriol are great additions to your ipod.


Say anything- Alive with the glory of love (mediafire) (Twitter) (last.fm) wow I can get sexual too, woe

Say anything are from Cali and fit that scene pretty well... yes, they are emo. Keeping with that trend they were originally named "sayanything". The track i've posted here is, funnily enough, about love during the holocaust but if you don't really pay attention to the theme it's like the most fun track musically and vocally. I think i might check out more from these guys but then i am secretly emo i guess lol three tracks up there for you to check out.


Boy and bear- Mexican Mavis (last.fm) (Twitter)

Boy and bear seem a little bit tiny but the person selected this song for our second community playlist so I was a little intrigued about them. They're from australia, quite bluegrass and are like a happy version of mumford and sons. Where M&S were dark and depressing B&B are light and uplifting. At the same time they do manage to dip into the depths of despair, mexican mavis being a great example of this.

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