Monday, 16 November 2009

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse

Ok I lied again about not doing a proper post.

It's a bit weird I haven't posted about these guys. I think if death cab hadn't existed 2002-2005 sort of era they'd have been the band I was telling everyone about and the band I was saying I loved before they got successful ha.

That's the thing though, Modest mouse had billboard #1's with float on and we were dead... and yet they've remained true to everything that made them great. This is pretty much thanks to Isaac Brock as he is what he is and he'd cut anyones face off who tried to make him anything else.

I have most stuff that they've done on cd and it's ALOT of cds. As with bright eyes and death cab there's numerous ep's and early albums, splits and live albums although out of the three MM have the least but it's still the sort of thing where if you had everything they'd released on vinyl you could sell it on ebay and never have to work again.

Sad sappy sucker
Moon and antartica
Building nothing out of something
No one's first and you're next EP
This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about

I'm sorry about this post, it's a bit lazy but I wanted to write a bit about MM. I've left a lot of stuff out and don't really have the hootspa to do reccomendations but i guess just make sure you get like the top 15 most listened on their if you don't have them.

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