Thursday, 30 April 2009

I just realised I haven't done a post on what I think of as my ipod's long lost sister who turns out not to be his sister and their love can be requited! O.k that sounds weird but is brilliant. I'm going to try post my chart on here, like maybe every 5000 tracks (i'm on 11000), my ipod doesn't scrobble everything and obviously i've had my ipod longer that i've had it but it's still fairly representative.

Add me if you have one-

The problem is of course, which chart to post. Problem is i've already posted a lot of it on this blog! It's all been taken down obviously so maybe there's no harm in doing it again? Let me know what you think on reupping things and if you want anything put up just let me know and i'll do it.

Apart from the charts the most amazing thing is the radio station, add your friends listen to what they're listening to. Really the only way you'll appreciate is by using it yourself.

The main point of this post is to make people aware of and it's cataloguing potential. I'm just going to post a few tracks it shows i've been digging of late-

Paul Mccartney- Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Lil Wayne- A milli
Giant Drag- Kevin is Gay
Pete and the pirates- Eyes like tar
The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows

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