Monday, 20 April 2009

Camera Obscura

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend this was due to a couple of reasons, the first being that my computer wasn't working and is still extremely temperamental and also due to UMG taking my blog down and making me become despondant for a couple of days. None the less, I e-mailed them called them out for being gaylords and it was put back up. Oh and did I mention having to walk 8 miles to work each day :p as it is- onwards ever backwards never.

As i'm eager to get a blog up as soon as poss i'm going to cheat a bit and do wednesday's entry today as it'll take less searching around, some of it's also going to be a bit of a message I sent to my older bro last week who hadn't heard of them.

Camera Obscura

Thing about camera Obscura is the album "underacheivers please try harder" is one of the definitive shoegaze albums of recent times, my favourite track is "I don't want to see you". All tracks listed here i've put as streamable links down the bottom.

They're another band I got into because of a beautiful girl with amazing taste in music, I think this was her pinnacle though, she was super emo..

I got to see them last summer outside at the truck festival but they were still playing a lot of "let's get out of this country", an album which I think was produced with the summer festivals in mind with the lead's fragile voice the music and in particular brass had been understated before but this didn't stop it have a few great tracks on, the first single got huge airplay the summer of 2006 and the whole album got great reviews from the festivals.

This is why i'm looking forward to seeing them in a dingy club this Friday. Obviously if you can download underacheivers, it's one album I can safely say will still be in my top 100 albums when i'm 78. Another one will be vampire weekend's debut.

Tracyanne Campbell's voice is a lot sexier than she is, damn that sounded harsh but it's only because maaaaan is her voice sexy. I mean scottish people... Would what I was about to say be considered racist?!

Their latest album, my maudlin career got a career defining 9/10 in NME last week, fortunately this current tour was arranged way before they knew how big they're about to get. I envy the new fans cos damn have they got an amazing back catalogue.

I don't wanna see you
Keep it clean
My Maudlin Career
I love my jean
Hey Lloyd

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