Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bands you should know I

So as the blogs becoming more popular and there's more interest and directions for it to go I mentioned yesterday I'm going to try and get some consistancy with it, I'm thinking it'll look like

Mon- A restrospective on a classic band or album
Tues- Ipod Shuffle
Weds- Modern bands/artists you need to know
Thur- New Music
Fri- New bands
Sat- New bands
Sun- more of a wildcard like if i've found a band that's been around ages that I think should have attention etc just whatever I feel like.

Should be pretty sweet deals.

Bands you should know I
- Pinback

Pinback of San Diego, California are Rob Crow (foreground... has a big orange beard these days) and Armistead Burwell Smith IV. I've been a fan of them for as long as I have death cab, their album Summer in Abaddon is, in my opinion, the epitomy of the music of the sun.

Like Death cab they were featured in the o.c but didn't garner the same attention as death cab or modest mouse recieved on the back of it. This probably the reason I was able to see them at a 60 person venue in london last year and meet rob crow so it's not so bad. Smith's bass lines are as intelligent and creative as you'll find in indie rock, Crow is criticised for his lyrics lacking meaning at times, this is debatable either way, but they make fantastic tunes aimed at the spring/summer audience.

Penelope- Fans favourite, the track that got them onto the airwaves and on the radar

Fortress- The track that was on the O.C, I feel it's not representative of Pinback's sound which may be why they didn't get as much attention. Still good though.

Loro- My favourite track. The bassline is bliss, the lyrics nonsensically beutiful. The perfect chillout track.

Barnes- This track shows how much they can do with so few instruments, such an effective track musically with some fantastically visual lyrics.

Wasted- A black flag cover, chilled down about 8 notches, pretty great. Reminds me of uni.

Tune in this time next week for Modest Mouse.

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