Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ipod Shuffle #3

It's that time of the week! Spin that wheel!

Justin Timberlake/50 cent/Timothy Baland- Ayo Technology
Slightly Stoopid- Righteous Man
Muse- Take A Bow
M.I.A- Come around
Amy Winehouse- You know i'm no good (Live)
Rothko- Give
Crystal Castles- Courtship Dating
Paramore- Pressure (Live)

O.K once again there's always one that I feel I need to explain myself for! I thought Ayo Technology was a pretty original name for a track and the videos pretty cool, I downloaded it and it's actually alright. "your hips your thighs you got me hypnotised" It's just something that happens to be on there...

At least that shows I do these things honestly! No skipping!

Secondly there's the frat band slightly stoopid, I downloaded their library on the stregnth of the name of the album name "slightly not stoned enough to eat breakfast yet kinda stoopid" I figured, here's a band that can make up for the lack of blink 182 and the bloodhound gang inspired college rock in my life!

Muse, one of those 21st century bands that everyone else in england seems to love but I just don't get their cultural relevance. They join a list with numaries such as radiohead, coldplay and kings of leon. Apparently their live shows have lasers and stuff which make it worth £60 a ticket. I'd only pay that much if they invented a machine to bring people, not only back from the dead but make them and their bandmates younger and could take them back to a certain time and did it to the beatles and they went on a sgt. peppers/white album tour and I'd still privately curse the economy.

One Thing I was amazed by MIA about is that she releases a song that blows up like nobody's ubsiness and has a kid while the money's rolling in, she like planned exactly the coolest time to do it because she wasn't all over the stupid tv shows and festivals as a one hit wonder and instead gets to release another album next year and actually think about grinding it out as a career artist. Pretty cool. She's also hot and looks like konnie huq. Oh yeah- there's a pornstar called "Connie Fuq".

Ah what can I say about Adubs, I got into her around 2002 and was well pumped for her debut album Frank and absolutely loved it, told everyone to get into her and she was gonna be huge, the album was nominated for the mercury prize and rightly so I thought it was awesome. Anyway I forgot about her, went to canada and saw her cd on the shelf while at uni and I was like... That's weird... I come back and she's like the female Jesus over here and then she blew up over there with the grammys to, it was pretty insane. The second album was very professional and well thought out.

Rothko have apparently been on the grind since 1997, this is the first i've heard of them, and my first impression is a bass driven rhythmic yet at the same time avante garde instrumental band. I don't like instrumental bands but if you like that kind of thing then I would say listen to this in a room that lets in little light but enough for it to be depressing.

Ah crystal castles, marmite, peanut butter and jelly, I got into them with crimewave and because for whatever reason and I have no idea what it is, I find alice glass supremely hot! The video for courtship dating sold this track to me and I really dig it. I'd love to see them Live, I missed out at the nme awards and as expected not everyone got what it was about.

Paramore, the girl's hot has a cool voice, writes catchy songs, the guitarist and bassist are good the drums are effective, they're a really good band I think they'd be fun to see live but I don't care if I don't.

I'm not too impressed with how mainstream this shuffle was, muse, paramore, justin timberlake, amy winehouse, MIA. But that's the way of the shuffle, last week it turned up some great tracks... It's still on shuffle and oh man I don't wanna say what just came on! Ha, I think it's doing this on purpose. But anyway, if you just take away from this that's a result right?

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