Friday, 24 April 2009

The Leisure Society

The nominations for the Ivor Novello best song musically and lyrically-

The Last Shadow Puppets
- My Mistakes Were Made For You
Elbow - One Day Like This
The Leisure Society - The Last Of The Melting Snow

The leisure society were formed in Burton on Trent, kinda stoke area. Front man Nick Hemming works in a fabric warehouse, he wrote the song "The last of the melting snow" and is now voted for an Ivor Novello award along with Guy Garvey and Alex Turner.

One interesting thing is that their album actually got 3/10 in NME. And when you do listen to their music you'll be like WTF?! It's a really special album and I gotta say fuck you whoever wrote that because there's thousands of us who would kill to review for NME and lazy shit like that is just fucked up. It's nothing against NME as the reviewers are independant and they're helping them out by giving them a paragraph which does mean some will sensationalise to get in, which is exactly what's happened here so let Niall O'keefe off he's just a bit of a nob.

The music is VERY elbow and it's fairly obvious why GG turned up to one of their gigs and was full of praise. The lyrics are poignant, well thought out to veer from predictability and the vocals melt in with the strings and brass.

If you don't have time to check out the whole album, you simply have to have last of the melting snow on your ipod-

Last of the melting snow
A matter of time
A short weekend begins with longing

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