Monday, 6 April 2009

Classic Band/Album #2

Sorry my computer's not been working this weekend, kinda meant I got a lot done! It's chugging along now but it means I have a lot of blog ideas I want to get down. Firstly-

The Lemonheads- A shame about Ray

I saw the Lemondheads perform this album in it's entrirety last summer, to prepare for their headline slot at truck I made this the album of that summer and listened to it all the time when I was driving. So glad I found it but it made me realise that there must be so many other albums that pass people by like I don't really know pearl jam, smashing pumpkins or jane's addiction but they've all had supposedly iconic albums out. Life surely isn't too short to embrace all of them?

Lemonheads, formed in highschool out of Boston in the mid 80's were, and after there reform in 2005 still are, fronted by Evan Dando. They were named after a particular confectionary "was sweet on the inside, and sour on the outside", particularly apt. They released 3-records relatively well-recieved on the underground grunge scene before being signed to atlantic after the success of Lick.

Their debut on a major label is their defining moment. There so much to say but as ever I'd want people to discover it for themselves. I'd reccomend buying the deluxe edition (it has the demos on) and reading the inlay and falling for this cd.

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