Saturday, 11 April 2009

New Music #3

I'm doing this on Friday as I've got way more time than I had on thursday. The quality of the stuff in the Truck post was great it's gonna be a brilliant weekend you should check them all out. There's a couple of bands here that are from the overflow of that post-

Eminem- We Made You
Alright, Eminem has another new track, exciting right? Yeah... Yeah it is, only... The only thing is, that uh... He's doing that stupid fucking voice again. You know the one he does in the "ass like that" video? Well that. All over this track and all over the other two that had been released, like why? It's the single most annoying thing, I hate the tracks he does it on and I hate this but not only for that but for gimmicky fucking teen popstar name dropping and hype acttack wagon jumping. Not even slightly Impressed.

Heloise and the Savoir faire- Illusions

Now i'm not gonna pretend the lyrics here aren't a little chiche at times but this track is jumping, it reminds me of the first time I heard santogold's... whatever that track was last year! She went down with the ting tings... a travesty... None the less I can't wait to be going nuts to this track live in the summer, I like the band alright but i'm not nuts because like I say the lyrics are a little bit pop but sometimes you're just not in the mood for bright eyes.

Broken Records- Anne
As if I didn't mention these guys in the bands to watch! I'll make up for it because they're worth a whole post to themselves, and they'll get it. I can only imagine what people thought when they first heard the killers, anyway 5 years on and they're doing pretty well for themselves. These guys, from scotland, are the heirs to that indiedisco throne the thing making them little bit more awesome is the war vocals, guys got great control and range in his voice. I really think these guys are gonna be huge. This isn't even their best track!

IAMX- Kingdom of welcome addiction (Ft. Imogen Heap)
IAMX's album leaked the other day, I only really know the artist through a friend who is proper into him, she won me round after comparing them to liquid sex or something of the like and i gotta say i'm a fan, his live show sounds quite the spectacle and the sound is epic. Utilising a haunting, gothica style vocal the electronic drums and keys loop to paint a portrait of raw emotion. This track from the forthcoming album features Imogen Heap, who is perhaps as close we're going to get to hearing a recording of a mythological siren, singing to your soul before ensnaring you as you meet your exquisite demise.

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