Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ipod Shuffle #4

It's that time again. I saw someone actually copied my post on their blog and pretended it was by them, I kinda took that as a compliment! Lazy though. Once again I post everything that comes up unless I don't have it on my computer and the only things I don't have on there are some of the indie/rock playlists so it's good music I just can't upload it. Everything else- is there ballbags and all.

Oh also I gotta say, I've got theeeee most amazing ear phones atm. I've gone through so many pairs the past few months looking for the right ones and these are it, the sound quality is amazing, length of the cable just right and perfect size ear bits, just perfect. Yeah, i'm in love with some headphones so what?

Anti-Flag- Police State in the USA
The Promise Ring- Living Around
Bell & Sebastien- Dialogue: Toby
Animal Collective- Lion in a coma
Megadeth- Kill the king
Death cab for cutie- I will follow you into the dark
White Williams- Smoke
Laura Veirs- Don't Lose yourself
Dashboard Confessional- So Long, So Long

First up was anti-flag who I saw supporting rise against, they were intense. I was preeeetty close to taking my shirt off, only i'm not a douche :(

Great thing about the shuffle I find bands I put on there and ahven't listened to. Like Promise Ring, I downloaded because a girl I like had them on her last.fm and so I downloaded loads of their stuff so I could impress her with that if she didn't fall for my charm, good looks and big pe.. rsonality :) They're a bit nice, a bit soft rock but catchy, maybe a bit boring live but how would I know!

Worst thing about the shuffle is 30 second interview/dialogue tracks, not much you can say about this, for what it is and what the album is in terms of belle and sebastien it's slightly interesting.

People go on and on about animal collective and here it is- I don't dig them. There you go, secret's out, I find them annoying and cutting musically and boring and grating lyrically. For whatever reason everyone's creaming all over this album well if we're going to keep talking about animal collective I'm gonna break the record for the amount of time I've mentioned these two kinds of bags in one sentence- ball and douche.

Funny story of why I have Megadeth on my ipod. On April 1st it was announced they were headling truck festival this summer, so I downloaded all their stuff. Turns out it was an april fools joke and i'm retarded! None the less I went through that whole getting into metal thing over the past year and this band apparently are fairly important and apparently so huge that it's just proposturous they could headline and independant music festival. They're alright, a bit cliche. Yeah that's right big metal bands- I judge you the same as any other band. They should lose the solos ;) Also I think there were only about 8 words in this song *pukes*

Ah this song. I first heard it a long with that canadian girl I moved over there for, billing it as the greatest love song of all time. Saw Death cab play it live before the album came out, stunning... Two years later 14 year olds screaming along to it and it's become the most annoying song on their setlist. Having this come up on shuffle will probably be good for popularity among the O.C crowd. I can also play it fairly perfectly on guitar as I used to be one of those douche bags who played acoustic guitar at their girlfriends while singing rubbish love songs. You gotta make up for the lack of actual feeling some how lol

O.K I don't know who White Williams is but the song's called smoke and the album is called smoke and it has a picture of two people smoking out of a bong on the front with the smoke spelling smoke. When he says smoke in the song I get the impression he's talking about the capital city and the liberating effect it had on his mind, maybe i'm being a bit generous but I like to think there's more to it than face value.

Laura Veirs' album "saltbreakers.." was labelled the album of 2007 in quite a few places. Maybe worth it lyrically she's excellent and she's not twee or lovely like some other female solo artists. Quite dreamy and deep, the music is fantastic too, experimental in places and never quite incidental, I like her alot, check the album for sure.

Funny Dashboard Confessional should come up as I INTENTIONALLY listened to these emo rockers sometime last week, not sure why just figured i'd never listened to them and alot of people dig them. They're very very soft and very "i close my eyes like a douche bag when i sing cos i'm so fucking emotional"...

O.K I'm out!

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