Tuesday, 28 April 2009

New Band Tuesday

So yeah I think the only thing this whole escapade has done is made me want to made this blog even more relentlessly awesome, less blogs about how emo bands are supergeh and more great new bands and amazing new music. Thanks for sticking around.

The XX- Teardrops

I like this guys, in the vein of yeah yeah yeahs first album, the current metronomy and something intangible. Playing the camden crawl this weekend, but then who isn't! Nah this guy and gal look like they're going plaes, european tour up next, they encapsulate what was fun about Karen O and maintain a darkness that would make their live shows captivating. The track i've included here, teardrops, is magnificent, "the music don't feel like it did with you". When you search xx in google alot of porn comes up so I don't know if the girl's hot but she sounds it...

In Case of Fire

Before reading this review I would like you to know that I've got today and tomorrow off work, going to see a great band tonight, got a wad of cash, the sun's out, I'm in a great mood! So this is not because i'm working tonight, got no money, it's raining and I feel like balls, because that is simply not the case :)

The three fellas are being hyped to HELL being compared to all manner of unmentionables, promises that if you go and see them now in a dingy bar you'll be boasting about it in 5 years when they're playing wembley. They do have a big sound, kinda like if fallout boy covered muse. For me, too indistinct. Vocal clarity is not good enough to be gripping or make you want to listen again, in my opinion these don't warrant the attention they're going to get but they are getting at the moment, it doesn't make all that much sense- they've already been dropped by EMI, they've done the kerrang tour with charlie from busted, they've got this whole dumb wearing armbands all the time thing, I can imagine the conversation "guys, here's a list of metal rock cliches I found on the net, I figure if we tick as many of these we'll totally get hyped by the buzz machine" purlease. Not going to include any mp3s.

The Yeah You's

This band sound like a supergroup (only in the literal meaning) of the hoosiers, mcfly and take that. It sounds like sitting down for a bowl of all bran going to pour a bit of sugar on it, the top falling off and ending up with a bowl of sugary milk with some brown shit floating in it. They are bubblegum pop and were reccomended by NME, like raise the game guys :(

Just reread the NME review and after listening to this rainbow inspired bromance I'm baffled by what was said.

Graffitti Island- Mountain Man

Ah you know low-fi psychadelic shoegaze is where my heart really lies. The lyrics are "a bit silly" and fit in with the music, you remember how the aliens were? Like all twizzly bleep bloop with alieny referencing smack. This is a similar deal, all tribal and most songs describe a different way of mutalating an enemy, drinking soup out of their skull or unmentionable deeds using a mans pinky bones, you know that kind of deal. They're a fun listen but nothing to get your teeth into.

And finally-

New Postal Service? Here's the track- Space Gods

It was posted on twitter and has opinion divided. You be the Judge. In my opinion, if it is him- wow is it ever different. If it's not, I still kinda wanna hear this track! Ha.


  1. "Space Gods" is not by Ben or the Postal Service, the twitter account where it was posted is fake and not Ben. The song is actually by a guy named Jack Mergist, his myspace can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/gusdogmusic

    Not sure how the person with the fake Ben twitter got ahold of the track, but...

  2. thanks for that! I was kinda wondering. I'll have to go edit that I spose, funny really