Sunday, 12 April 2009

Moar new musik #?!

I'm gonna stop doing numbers next to things as I've already lost count and I'm only on like 3, I think this is why I failed math so many times :) Don't worry, I excel in other areas... Areas like- a) being cool b) not being a maths nerd :)

It's easter sunday, It's also my day off from exercise as I've done around 13 days in a row, results are smexeh ;) but none the less we're having a huge sunday lunch as well so probably gonna be a fairly glutenous day! Plus movies in the afternoon- groundhog day, darjeeling ltd and rounders. There is alcohol in the fridge but I would prefer not to drink it as Friday was so heavy and work yesterday was a bit of a slog dehydration wise..

Oh also Red Dwarf was back this weekend, I am not making any comments til i've seen it many many more times (i used to be a huge nerd about it... turns out I still am) But none the less here are the links if you don't have Dave (which I don't, I went over someone's house to watch it... what a 'kin geek!)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

I was looking through the stats for this blog and maaaaan does it get a lot of hits! I used to get all demoralised having no comments but have got some great ones recently on different sites saying you dig the stuff, the download numbers from some of the tracks are amazing. Any feedback is so very welcome. I'm glad people are enjoying it and I'm gonna do everything I can to keep the quality high. And more pretty pictures to give it an air of faux-professionalism.

Today it's time for more new music from new bands...

Black Box Revelation- Love, Love is on my mind

One of the heavier bands I'll feature today, I forget how I found about them especially considering they're from belgium. They're a two piece who remind me of supergrass in their darkest times, think Richard III. Pretty catchy chorus, lyrics are clear for the style, the album "set your head on fire" gained them a certain amount of notoriaty and rightly so, definately worth a check out.

Delphic- Counterpoint

From the same scene that touted twisted wheel as the next big band out of manchester, a 3/10 review in NME a bit of a dash to that claim, Delphic, formally known by the quite awesome name "Snowfight In The City Centre" are a four piece indie-rave band in cut from the same cloth as the cure and new order. One of the reasons their hyped to be big is the stadium potential for tracks like this, reminiscent of klaxons circa golden skans with a major plus that the tone of lead singer James Cook's voice is so much more clear and with actual resonant lyrics rather than sounds that just go with the music, I think these guys are gonna be pretty big later this year.

Wave Pictures- If you leave it alone

These guys are maybe a bit twee, they've been around over 10 years other than that obvious comparisons due to the style of the vocals and supporting brass are te rumble strips, this track only serves to back up the similarities due to the meandering storyline of this song. The vocals of david tattersall are quite reminscent of the mountain goats and with the light dreamy possibly brushed drum track and delayed lightly picked guitars on this particular effort it could easily be mistaken.

PJ Harvey- Black hearted Love / 16.15.14

Her tenth album, a woman a man walked by, has been getting amazing reviews already, labelling it the album of this year already. Plus she's a bit sexy. Oh and also a killer sound. An eclectic musician and despite being in the game so long has a fresh approach to music. 16/15/14 is quite a dark number quite like blonde redhead's "melody". Black Hearted Love on the other hand has been getting a load of attention from people like zane lowe and nme radio, a mix of the aformentioned blonde redhead, cat power and howling bells, can't go wrong.

Fanfarlo- I'm a pilot

You know I love these guys, they're my new favourite band and their album leaked last week and I still can't get enough of them, they're playing oxford in a month or so and i'm ever so there.

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