Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ipod Shuffle VI

You know we're back up and running when it's time for another shuffle, I'll make this one epic, 10 tracks that will hopefully blow your mind, my ipod was feeling a bit emo last night with a lot of bright eyes so hopefully won't be throwing too much lily allen or the actual lady gaga track I have on there! I'm serious, I guess it must have been on someone's playlist or something cos I'm walking around knowing it's there but not knowing how it got there, much like any number of examples from last friday night...

Of Montreal- My friend will be me

I mean everyone knows what the deal with of montreal is, weird but irresistable dream pop. Whether whole albums concerning Dustin Hofmann eating a bathtub and hiding it from a suspicious wife while completely avoiding the subject lyrically or making masterpieces such as hissing fauna are you the destroyer? They're great. A band that this generation and probably the next two aren't ready for, sometimes I feel like they're from way in the future. Missed out on seeing them last year but my ticket was sold for megabucks, they've got a killer following

Camera Obscura- Swans

Perfect! I saw Camera Obscura on Friday! I got suuuuuper drunk and did some crazy crazy things inspired by unlimited strongbow and blackcurrants each chased down with aftershock. Oh man! Anyway this track is from their latest and most critically acclaimed album and they're riding this success so well absolutely loving it, they've worked for it and deserve it. This is the most jaunty and twee off the album and is so catchy musically and Traceyann Campell's vocals as compelling as ever.

Smoosh- Take it away

Sometime a couple of years ago I went through a bit of a smoosh phase where for whatever reason I completely dug what these kids were doing! The drums are sparse yet fantastic, having been mentored from Death cab's very own Jason McGerr and the thing about the vocals, the difference between the two albums and hearing her voice mature was fantastic. One problem is the lyrics, really proper bubblegum stuff alot of pop cliches in there which i'm also hoping will mature as they do.

Magnetic fields- Strange eyes

Yet more from the opus of 69 love songs from Magnetic Fields. The music sounds like it's from another planet, the vocals remorseful and seem very deliberate like there's nothing wasted, no filler which is why the tracks so short and i don't have much time to write!

Adam Green- Broadcast Beach

Bit pop. Way too pop for Adam Green. He's at his best when he's writing haunting, mythology referencing creep fests. I rarely delete tracks off my ipod (it's huge) but I deleted another one of his songs called something like "sticky ricky" it was the worst song i'd ever heard. This sways into really pleasant radio listening which isn't always a bad thing, there's strings there's uptempo music, it's good times.

Ben Folds Live- Rockin' the suburb

I just realised that Ben Folds Live sounds like Ben Folds Five, that's quite clever. Aaaanyway this is from their live album songs for goldfish and this track was a mainstay of my road trip in 2005 such a great track for summer it's right up there with sum 41, blink 182 and greenday for their summer songs, it's great stuff, alot of fun, alot of sun and yet also a bit intense! Great stuff. Quite a bit of swearing on this track soooo :p

Frank Sinatra- I get a kick out of you

Ah the master. My first musical idol, I love swing when I was younger and still do, love the ratpack and everything they represented. This song is brilliant for the timing shows how much control he had over his instrument and despite having a huge orchestra like C.B's behind him he still ran the show. Frank Sinatra is probably one of the coolest people to have ever lived.

Lily Allen- Take what you take

Won't you look at that, what are the chances?! Out of around 2000 artists, 20000 tracks, she has about 20 on mine so the odds are like 0.01% right?! At the time I thought Lily Allen's first album was great, but I listened to it again before her new one and was like... I can't remember why I liked this. But you know what? When it's fucking sunny outside this album's even fucking sunnier! So yeah give her stuff a listen in the summer and all is right with the world. This is pretty catchy too.

I was a cub scout- A step too far behind

Sometimes I download bands who just have great names, sometimes they garner attention for their musical ability too. Apparently they've split now but I was a cub scout was a great writer, they split after one album I suppose but their synth infused emotion filled verses with powerful hooks was great so keep a look out for their new bands- Omes and Brontide.

Manic Street Preachers- Why so Sad

I saw Manic Street Preachers, supporting Foo Fighters last summer, they're one of those bands from the 90's that have stuck together and have achieved quite a reverence without actually being spectacular. They write some really catchy things and when you actually see them live you realise how many of their songs are actually lodged in your subconcious without you realising it. This isn't one but I'm sure you know what I mean :)

Yeah I'm pleased with how my ipod represented me today, we'd had a tough weekend, I thought i'd lost it on friday when I woke up all naked and confused and still drunk on saturday. I found it in my bed, I can only imagine what happened...

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