Friday, 3 April 2009

New Bands

The weather outside is surely too glorious to spend writing a blog, but i was out in it all day yesterday and all morning today so i'll take a break from it, have a few glasses of water and of course crack open a few amazing bands...

I must've listened to about 150 bands to get these this week! I think I'll have to do a different kind of post tomorrow! Took me to the far echelons of... well europe... Italy, Scandinavia... Neither of which are represented here.
Btw if anyone's on twitter mine is-

I've been listening to quite a lot of pearl jam really starting to dig them a bit more, i think my next classic band post will be about them, the reason I wasn't that into them before was because they seem to occupy an uncomfortable place between metal and soft rock but I dig the lemonheads so... they might be too big to be considered for that post though, I dunno though I wanna do my favourite Dylan tracks there so why not.

Amazing Baby- Head Dress I searched my blog and turns out I haven't mentioned these guys, which is weird, I assumed i'd have mentioned them about 50 times now because they're awesome. They're 2009's other answer to MGMT (The actual answer being TEOTS) just as wicked and weird but with the twist that their tunes are just that little bit more dancier.

Wavves- So Bored Nathan Williams started this as a one man band, at SXSW it was expanded slightly, the sound- what pet sounds would have sounded like if it was recorded in a bathroom and it was just one guy trying to harmonize with himself. Not an insult at all, however it must be said that it's very similar to No Age who i'll probably mention some time. There was a lot of hype about wavves early this year and some feel that the live shows aren't justifying it, with an expanded line up they'll stand a better chance.

Stardeath and white dwarfs- Chemical Look, here is why the name is gramatically correct and it's not because they are talking about two things in the same semantic field both of which could be argued to be both concrete and abstract nouns, they're two different phenomenon. Bottom line is if you're talking about stars, you don't call them dwarves, if you're talking about midgets? go nuts. I'll shut up as this one might be long becaaaaause- THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! Plus get on them RIGHT NOW because they're still ever so slightly considered underground but they've just signed to warner bros so are going to be humungous. Vocals are as brilliantly indie pop as you can get and the guitars as impressive as mars volta, the percussion is creative and it all blends together to make brilliance. When they break out the acoustic guitar (smokingpotmakesmenotwanttokillmyself) it still sounds polished and yet like the best that the 90's brit scene had to offer at it's height. They also pride themselves on having the most epic live shows, laser displays and everything you'd associate with $60 tickets but for a tenth of the price and for the moment, 1% of the people. Seriously catch them while you can afford it.

Remember to check out This is Ivy League.

Other bands that I checked out which are worth a heads up are ivory town piano factory, A camp (the chick from the cardigans solo project) and Lemondwilde. These bands just didn't get in cos they're not new, check out lemonwilde on yesterday's new tracks blog though.

I'm off out to catch this sun while I can, life ftw right now! The weather can be misleading :)

EDIT: I popped outside for a minute but it was bugging me that I knew there were spelling and discourse errors in this post... /obsessive


  1. Humm... You actually mentionned Amazing Baby in one of your posts (I remember, I downloaded some of their stuff after reading, and I really like this band now), but this post has been deleted...

  2. Yeah I posted a link to jack whites new band so universal took it down. Tools!