Thursday, 23 April 2009

Great bands that never made it #1- Rushing with Apathy

I was sitting in a nero coffee house last week when one of their tracks came on and it got me to remembering when I first got their 4 track demo CD at a battle of the bands night when I popped to bournemouth uni for a bit. I decided to listen to the whole album and then I decided they deserved an entire post on my blog. They were that good.

Rushing with Apathy

Here's my original review of them- "So at my first university I used to smoke with this guy in the student village a few doors down, we did that and headed to the student union to drink and there was a battle of the bands on. These guys came on and it was like a proper concert, killer tunes, everyone digging it, talented as hell and holly who shares lead vocals was shaking it like a pro, they brought the atmosphere, her vocals were icy and gothic like an atheist amy lee and the guitars were metal without being jarring. The band are done now, it's over, I really thought they were going to be mammoth they had endless great reviews around the area hyped up to hell. Ah well good memories. And just picture this chick (actual pic from the gig) grinding her ass off for the last two minutes of this track."

I did think they were going to be huge, in reality they have less listeners and plays than MY page lol. There is one particular period of their history that lead to their downfall, letting holly leave, I have no idea what happened but apparently it wasn't particularly acrimonious none the less they should have chopped off their nuts, given her all their money, anything to get her to stay, she was what made the band great, they were nothing without her, obviously considering they split later on. It's not just that though, it's like after she left they erased any record of her being in the band, off their myspace, website everything which is fucking lame I mean grow up maybe? After that I was like fuck them and just appreciate that period in time when they really were special, Holly and Rushing with apathy.

Maybe it's just nostalgia or looking back at things with blue sky eyes, but I'd love to know what other people think so please, leave a comment let me know. Hopefully a few people will dig this, there's some really great tracks but fuck that- here's the whole album :p

Title Track
Let Down
Things in life
Cracks in my skin
Don't judge them
Don't know why
A way out

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