Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bands you should know #4- Interpol


In terms of their actual recording career interpol are a fairly young band, in reality they've been around over 10 years. From NYC, Interpol have recorded 3 albums, each one lauded critically so seemingly worth the wait in between each one. Interpol owe their sound to the unique vocal style of paul banks and the intrepid and creative driving bass lines that Carlos D is able to produce on an amazingly consistant basis. Daniel Kessler, on lead guitar was the founding member of the group.

I think "evil" is the epitome of what interpol are as a band. A dark, bass heavy track with intense, scathing vocals. It's easy to keep going on about how good Carlos D is as a bassist but some of his lines are unforgettable. He cuts a mysterious figure, motionless on stage smoking while ripping apart intricate layers of rhytmic motion. The album "antics" is where they are heavily relied upon.

Heinrich Manouvure

Obstacle 1

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