Friday, 1 May 2009

Best of April 2009

Due to all the copyright problems I had this month, I'm going to do a "best of outroversion" each month to make sure all the songs and bands get to see the light of day. Once again if you need anything reuploading or want it sent to you just let me know...

Leisure Society- Last of the melting snow
Builders and butchers- Bottom of the lake
Fanfarlo- I'm a pilot
YACHT- So post em all
Stardeath and the white dwarfs- Chemicle
Delphic- Counterpoint
Phenomenal Handclap Band- 15-20
Electric Touch- Love in our hearts
Sportsday Megaphone- Young Lust
Pulled apart by horses- I punched a lion in the throat
Conor Oberst and the mystic Valley band- The roosevelt room
Eminem- We made you
IAMX- Kingdom of welcome addiction
Heloise and the savoire faire- Illusions
Broken Records- Anne
Magic Magic- Over your heart
Camera Obscura- French Navy

Looking back a month ago and a month before that this blog's come along way, thanks for your support, commenting, following, 1000+ independant views. Look forward to where we'll be in another month!

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