Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Shuffle II

I'm probably going to do this once a week, It's terribly exciting really, nearly 18000 tracks on my ipod, all meticulously selected, put it on shuffle and away it goes, gold is upon us!

As the blogs getting more attention i'll try and do the same thing each day each week like today shuffle, friday and saturday new bands. Thursday great up and coming tracks. That sort of stuff, thanks everyone (&@seattledreamer) for your support, makes it worth the effort!

RaRaRiot- Ghost under rocks
Band Aid- Do they know it's christmas
Neil Young- The old laughing lady
Razorlight- Hostage of love
AC/DC- Love hungry Man
SemiSonic- Closing Time

This is the great thing about the shuffle post is that you get such a great mix, you've got moden stuff with RaRaRiot and razorlight, a random christmas track a bit of a wtf?! inclusion with band aid! Old school with neil young, classic rock with AC/DC and one of those fantastic blasts from the late nineties- closing time by semisonic.

Great hope you enjoyed, this is probably my favourite time of the week!

Thanks for reading, listening and comment on what you like and don't like on this and other posts so I can fine tune the blog to make it as good as it can be.

I've had shuffle on while i've been writing the rest of this blog, I wish I could put them all up to be honest! Just got life to do unfortunately..

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  1. OMG, Hostage Of Love is such a good song, I already have it on my iPod :D